Our Ministers

Walter Person

Walt is the middle son of three boys, and one daughter born to Walter and Gladys Person of Anna, Texas.  Most of his youth was lived on the road, moving from seaport to seaport as his Dad, a career Navy man changed assignments.  After his Dad retired, his family moved to the East Texas town of San Augustine.  Here his life would change forever, first marrying Loretta (Bennefield) in October 1976, then in June 1977 he obeyed the Gospel.  Shortly thereafter they began a 22 year career in the United States Air Force

During those years of service, in 1987, Walt made the commitment to serve the Lord’s church.  While still on active duty, each new assignment afforded him opportunities to serve both our nation and God’s “Forever Family” the church.  Utilizing Tuition Assistance through the Community College of the Air Force, career and ministry training was accomplished, while being afforded the opportunity to minister for five years in the Federal Republic of Germany and nine and a half years with congregations in Kansas, North Dakota and Virginia.  Upon retirement from the Air Force, he accepted the responsibilities of planting a congregation in rural Virginia, where he and his Loretta, labored for five and a half years.  Transition came again in July 2003 when he accepted the preaching and ministry responsibilities with the Sanford church of Christ in Sanford, Florida.

Walt and his Loretta have been married for over 41 years.  He considers Loretta to be his best friend and greatest asset in the Lord’s work this side of eternity.  She is a professional seamstress as well as a homemaker, Bible teacher, counselor to women and co-laborer in visitation, edification and benevolence.  They have two adult children: Beverly and Cathe.  They also enjoy the blessing of being grandparents to Hayley, Sarah, Helena and Daniel.

Walt has been a student of the Bible since 1977, preacher of the Gospel since 1987 and became an Elder in October 2013.  The Persons have been with Sanford since July 2003.

Specialties: His undergraduate and graduate degree study was completed with the Theological University of America (TUA) in Biblical Studies and Ministry respectively with emphasis in pastoral care, marriage and the family, and has special interest and experience in “Domestic” missions.  He earned his Doctorate in Pastoral and Theological Studies in 2001.  As a spiritual leader in his community, Walt serves as a volunteer Chaplain, for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.


Walt’s email is walt.person@sanfordcoc.org

Nick Jones

Nick is the oldest son of Tim and Tracy Jones. He grew up in Oviedo Florida where he went to Oviedo high school and played basketball all four years. He decided to put on Christ in baptism August 1st 2010.  After Graduating from high school he went on to Harding University where he spent four years studying bible and family ministry. He graduated from Harding in May of 2018.

At Harding Nick was very involved in student life on campus and spiritual life at local churches. He was an executive member of his social club and was active in his church home for those years in service to the community as well as preaching whenever he was needed. Having these responsibilities as a college student really revealed to Nick both his calling and his passion for ministry.

Nick is the Youth Minister at Sanford as of June of 2018, his first full time job as a youth minister and plans to do vocational youth ministry for years to come.

Nick enjoys all sports, especially basketball, TV comedies such as “The Office,” “Friends,” and “Parks and Rec.” his favorite movies are Holes and the Transformers movies, and really any movie starring Shia Le Bouf. His favorite band is Casting Crowns and their hit single “Jesus Friend of Sinners.”

Specialties: His undergraduate degree is in Bible and family ministry and Nick has an emphasis on New Testament Greek. He is also enrolled in Harding School of Theology where he plans to get his Masters of Divinity.

                                            Nick’s email is njonesym@gmail.com

Mike Jacobs 

Michael Jacobs Jr is the youngest son of Michael Sr. and Tarsha Jacobs. He grew up in Orlando Florida where he went to Wekiva Highschool and played Basketball for 3 years and was on the baseball team as well for all 4 years. He decided to put on the Lord in baptism on September 6, 2009. After graduating from high school, he went on to Seminole state college where he received His A.A degree in general education.

Michael then went on to pursue a career with Orange County Fire and Rescue Department as a fire fighter. Michael attended Concord Street Church of Christ where he was very involved in their youth program and Lads to Leaders and was a leader amongst his peers in their college program which led to his desire and passion to become a young adult minister.

Michael began working with us at Sanford part time as the young adult minster as of January 2020

Michael enjoys all sports especially basketball and baseball, TV Cartoons such as” Avatar the last air-bender” and “Legend of Korra” his favorite movies are any of the Marvel and avengers’ movies.

                                           Michael’s email is Mikeyj0925@gmail.com

Julio Garcia

Brother Julio Garcia is the Hispanic Ministry deacon of the Sanford Church of Christ. He has been involved with the Hispanic Ministry since 2006. He has served as preacher in several places: Lancaster, PA, Aguadilla, PR and Charlotte NC.  

Julio was born in Brooklyn, NY on August 20, 1960, to Maria Feliciano and Julio Garcia Nieves. He is the eldest of 3 siblings. He was born again of water and Spirit on March 27, 1977. Because of his love and passion for the Word of God, he studied for 3 years in a School of Preaching in Puerto Rico, preparing him for the Ministry. His favorite subject is Homiletics.  

He is married to Maggie, his helpmate since 1983. Father to Jenilee and Michael Garcia and has 7 wonderful grandchildren: Isaiah, Ariel, Leonel, Shailee, Luna, Nayeli and Axl. 

His favorite quote from Thomas Campbell is “Where the Bible Speaks, We Speak; Where the Bible Is Silent, We Are Silent” His goal in life is to fulfil his commitment to God and His kingdom: “As for you, always be sober-minded, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry” (2 Timothy 4:5 – ESV)


El hermano Julio es el predicador y diacono del ministerio hispano en Sanford, Florida. Ha estado trabajando con el ministerio hispano desde el 2006. Anteriormente, ha servido como predicador en varios lugares: Lancaster, PA; Aguadilla, PR y Charlotte, NC.  

Nacido en Brooklyn, NY de padres puertorriqueños, María Feliciano y Julio García Nieves el día 21 de agosto de 1960. Nacido del Agua y del Espíritu (Nuevo Nacimiento) el día 31 de marzo de 1977. Debido a por su amor a la Verdad de Dios, estudio en la Escuela de Predicadores por 3 años en Puerto Rico preparándolo para ministerio.  Su curso favorito es la homilética.   

Casado con su ayuda idónea, Maggie, padre de Jenilee y Michael y abuelo de 7 nietos: Isaiah, Ariel, Leonel, Shailee, Luna, Nayeli y Axl.  

Su cita favorita de Thomas Campbell es “Hablar donde la Biblia habla y callar donde la Biblia calla” Su deseo en todo momento es cumplir su compromiso con Dios y trabajar en Su Reino. “Pero tú sé sobrio en todo, soporta las aflicciones, haz obra de evangelista, cumple tu ministerio” (2 Timoteo 4:5-RVR1960) 

                                          Julio’s email is jgarcia0821@hotmail.com