Evangelism is a word that often frightens members of the Lord’s church. It’s scary because we do not know what the reaction of our friends and neighbors might be if “Religion” is brought up. Another reason that it might be a tad bit intimidating is that we might be unsure about how to address certain subjects or answer specific questions.

This is where brother Walt Person and his team enter the picture.

Our local evangelism and outreach program is an effort to help members accomplish the God-given mandate of “Seeking and saving” the lost – precious people – valuable souls (See Luke 19:10 and John 20:21). 

Walt is the pulpit minister and lead evangilist here at Sanford. He is responsible for the weekly messages and lessons brought during our weekly worship services as well as Sunday morning Bible class.

Walt and his team encourage tract distribution, follow-up with local visitors to our services, Bible Correspondence Courses and home Bible studies. He plans seminars and workshops designed to train Christians on how to approach and teach their non-Christian friends. If you would like to speak with Walt about this ministry or how to reach out to the lost around you, then email him at walt.person@sanfordcoc.org.

Additionally, our congregation offers “Bible Correspondence Courses” to new Christians who are seeking to build Biblical Literacy and Doctrinal understanding. 

These courses are great for: New Christians, Individuals leading a Bible study, Friends who have questions about what we believe/what the Bible teaches, Prison/International evangelism ministries, teaching children the word, and much more!

If you are interested in using some of these materials or would like to work through the booklets with our teaching staff please contact the church office.