Communication and Content

As a church, there is constant updating of information, from weekly bulletins and prayer requests, to upcoming church wide events and  new teaching series.  Our ministry staff seeks to regularly publish content in order to keep all of our members and potential members up to speed on all the things going on in our congregation. 

This content specifically includes: 

  1. Recording and distribution of sermons and classes via Facebook, YouTube, and CD (by request).
  2. Weekly services Livestreamed and uploaded to the website
  3. Weekly bulletins, newsletters and all forms of marketing and advertisement, whether printed or online.
  4. Podcasts
  5. Tracts and other printed material.
  6. Weekly video updates from our ministry staff on current teaching curriculum

We recommend viewing our annual Congregational Packet if you our interested in a single place for all of the current information associated with our ministries.

There are many other facets of our communication and content ministry that are not listed above. If you have any questions about how to access our content or communicate with our leadership please contact either Michael or Nick, who manage the communicating and content creation for the church.

You can reach them by email or phone number:





You can also contact our office directly by calling 407-322-7781